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Vowel Ratio Charts

Vowel Ratio Charts are probably my most used tutoring tool, other than

phonogram cards. I used the information I found in The Gillingham

Manual to make this set of charts that help children remember the

various ways to spell the sounds they learn. In the past I did all of the

cutting, laminating, trimming, Velcro, and I made a folding bulletin board

to hang them on. I felt like I it was just not worth it; I did not want to

charge more. Now I will sell the whole set in print format. I'll let you

take care of the handwork and laminating. I do include instructions,

usage tips and my pattern for the folding wall chart.

There are fifteen charts in all. They include: ā, ē, ī, ō, ū, Ə, oo, oi, ou, er, au; thats eleven. The other four are: ā, ē, oo, and er, all with fewer sounds for students in lower levels. If you have students at various levels it makes life easier to have a smaller set for those who are less advanced. It does not look so daunting to see 2 or 3 empty spots, but when you see 5 or 6 it's a bit discouraging.  

The top two examples for ī and Ə show how you will receive them and the chart

shows what they look like once put together. The fifteen charts cost 55.00, they

will arrive printed on card stock. To order email me at [email protected]

Happy Tutoring! Stacey

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