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Visuals for Any and All Students

These are visuals you would most likely want only one of. They include sound visuals and

wall charts. The sound visuals for more advanced students may have words. If you need

something that I don't currently have please email me at [email protected].

Perhaps you can inspire me to create something new.

Now you can purchase anything on my site using PayPal, it makes everything so easy. You

could order most items on Monday and have them by Friday. Right now I can only sell 30

items on this Webs site. Consequently I had to group items. If you would like to purchase

individual items, please email me and I'll generate a PayPal request from my end.


Sound Visuals

Personally, I use sound visuals when

I’m introducing a new concept and I

keep them out for a students as long

as they require a reminder.

They will be sent out as printed

documents; so you can cut, laminate

and trim as you see fit. Why should

you pay for laminating when you might be able to do it at work for free?

The cost is 4.00 per page, whether one or two visuals. Each group of visuals purchased

together will have a discounted price. 

The following sound visuals have single consonants, short vowels and what I was trained

to call digraphs. If you've seen the phonogram cards on my CD, you'll notice that I use

most of the same pictures on sound visuals. If purchased as a group they will cost 58.00.

They will arrive in printed format. All items are copyright protected.

Sound Visuals Group 3

In my arsenal I've got sound visuals for all levels. If you don't see what you want here,

shoot me an email [email protected]. I do have a set of visuals between the

previous set and the one that follows, but they were created to use as individual pieces

and I haven't found a profitable way to sell them which is affordable. Please contact me if

you are interested.   

You'll notice the following sound visuals have words. They include open vowels, schwa,

intermediate vowel teams, suffixes, and soft c & g.

You may notice that est is missing from the group above. I decided it needed

tweaking and I've got to involve my photo manipulation expert for the job. I'll

throw it in if you order all of the visuals in the green grouping above. The two

pies above are for ie piece (should be cut into pieces before laminating) and iepie.

Each page is 4.00 whether it has one visual or two. They will arrive in printed format

(not laminated). Purchased as a set the cost will be 100.00. For individual contact me.

Sound Visuals Group 3

The following group of word list visuals includes cle syllables, V/V, prefixes,

and advanced vowel teams.  

The cost would be 4.00 per page if purchased as a group, the cost is 72.00.

Like all the sound/word visuals they will arrive in printed format. When I say

printed format I mean, like fudge & lyre in the group above.

Sound Visuals Group 4

Wall Charts for Syllables with Pieces to Velcro in Place

 These are 11X17 charts to

use when working with syllable

types & divisions. They both

have pieces which Velcro in


 You could make similar charts

using my CD: Visuals for Every

Student (as you can see on my

CD page).

A special education resource room teacher, who works with groups of LD students,

requested that I make these for her. Now I'm offering them to you. They will arrive

ready to use. They are 20.00 each (must be done through email). You can order the set for

35.00 by adding them to your cart.

Syllable Division & Type Charts

Wall Charts with Pieces to Velcro in Place

Wall charts are visuals you can use for any student. "Most of my wall charts 11 X 11."

Above you'll find my charts for Digraphs and Chameleon Prefixes they have pieces that

Velcro in place. They are each 18.00 price includes: printing, lamination & Velcro.

Generalization Wall Chart & Game

The Generalization Chart/Game, shown above is ? ou or ow ?

I also have one for ? ai or ay ?

On the front side, you'll find pictures and words that help the student understand the

generalization and the back side has a game so they can practice what they've learned.

They are 15.00 each (printed & laminated). Instructions are included, you provide a die and

game pieces (how about a cloud, clown, owl or cow! Your imagination is the limit). See dice

information on the Game page.

The chart for au and aw does not have a game on the back. It is 10.00

Please email requests or questions to me at: [email protected].

Goodbye, Stacey

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