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There are many games in my arsenal. Below you'll find samples of each

type of game I produce and a list of concepts for each type. Some will

be shipped in printed format and others will be laminated. This

information will be included in the description. 

Dice for various games: I can provide you with blank dice and stickers

to modify them using my instructions. However you'd probably be better

off purchasing a blank dice kit. I purchased some for a customer at [If you are like me and strive to make-do with what you've your kids'abandoned board games and apply P-touch stickers.]

Sometimes I ship items in blister-pack envelopes. It seems to me that

shipping the square dice with printed and/or laminated documents could

damage them.

To expedite the ordering process, I started accepting PayPal. Just

click-on carts like any online store and you'll proceed to a checkout page.

To order anything which doesn't have a shopping cart, just send me an

email , I'll send a payment request to PayPal, you'll receive it immediately.

Once payment is confirmed, I'll get your requests together and

send them right out.

Rhyme, Tap & Switch

This is my newest creation!

I love this game! More importantly, my tutee who dreads tapping does

too! This is a phonemic awareness game. Players must rhyme words, tap

words and substitute the initial blends on others. I consider it a "pure"

phonemic awareness activity because all of the words are pictured on

cards. The game includes; one game board, four pages of cards(double

sided) and instructions. The cost is 20.00 and it will come printed. You

cut, laminate, provide a die and game pieces.  

Rime, Tap & Switch Game

Currently this game has closed and silent e syllables, with three, four

and five sounds. I plan to add words with welded sounds. If you have

requests, just let me know. I love requests! [email protected]

Snake Games

Snake Games teach generalizations.

I have the following games to offer

k - ck,

k - ck nonsense,

k - ck Plus(w/vowel teams & r-control)

ch - tch

nonsense ch - tch

ge - dge

nonsense ge - dge

All Snake Games are 11 X 11 will arrive printed and laminated.

They include the game board and instructions; you provide the die and playing pieces.

Cost - 10.00

To purchase now you have two sets to choose from:

Set 1 includes 3 game boards: k - ck, ch - tch & ge - dge Cost: 28.00 for 3

Set 1 of Snake Games

Set 2 includes 4 game boards: k - ck with early vowel teams and r-controlled

vowels, game boards with nonsense words for k - ck, ch - tch & ge - dge

Cost: 35.00 for 4

Set 2 Snake Game

Go Fish Games

"Go Fish Games are another great way to reinforce

phonemic awareness skills." They can also be used in

various other ways: sorts, Concentration, or vocabulary

games..... ("the vowel sound is ŭ, you get gas out of it, it

has a hose, and in the year 1900 people got water out of them"). . . . . .

Your imagination is your only limit. E-mail your ideas and I'll include them

on instructions that go out to others who purchase.

 Go Fish: I made my first game to help a student differentiate between

ŏ & ŭ and quickly decided to extend the set to all short vowels. You can

sort them out and play for what ever you want to reinforce. Originally I

intended that they target sounds and quickly I found they also impact

vocabulary development. It’s been such a favorite with my newest tutees,

so I’ve been cranking them out.

As of 2/1/09 I’ve got Go Fish for:

Short Vowels (w/50 pairs of cards) 30.00

Digraphs (w/20 pairs of cards) 12.00

Initial Blends (w/30 pairs including 3 letter blends) 18.00

Final Blends (w/20 pairs of cards) 12.00

v-c-e picture to v-c-e letters (picture of skate & a-t-e 20 pairs of cards) 12.00

VCV to V-C-e with words.... (not & note 1 of 20 pairs) 12.00

To Floss or Not to Floss (w/20 pairs of cards) 12.00

au or aw (w/20 pairs) 12.00

Purchase Go Fish with PayPal Shopping Cart

Short Vowels 30.00

Go Fish - Short Vowels

Set 1: Digraphs & Blends (initial & final) 36.00

Set 1 Digraphs & Blends - initial & final

Set 2: Floss and both V-C-e Games 36.00

Set 2 Floss & 2 V-C-e Games

Bingo Games

Bingo Games have five play cards, cover pieces for appropriate sounds

and a list of the words in order so no one can win by a landslide, if they

get all the sounds. I offer games to differentiate the following short

vowel sounds: ă & ĭ ŏ & ŭ ĕ & ĭ Two more games focus on sounds of

Final Blends and Initial Blends. All Bingo Games are 12.00. You'll receive

them in the printed format.     

Generalization Wall Chart/Game 

The Generalization Chart/Game, shown above is ? ou or ow ? You may

have seen it on the Visuals page. I also have one for ? ai or ay ? The

front side has pictures and words that help the student understand the

generalization and the back side has a game so they can practice what

they've learned. Each one will arrive printed & laminated, the cost is

15.00. Instructions are included, you provide a die and game pieces (how

about a cloud, clown, owl or cow! Your imagination is the limit). See dice

information on the Game page.

Spelling Rule Games

Spelling Rule Games - provide practice adding suffixes. I have nonsense

games for each rule. They have been a great way to reinforce the rule,

especially with students who have a good memory for how to spell the

words on the first game. If they are able to apply the rule with nonsense

words in your presence, then they should be able to apply it to real

words when they are not with you. I allow them to refer to their

notebook pages if they get stuck.

You’ll receive a laminated 11 X 11 game board, printed on card stock and

instructions. E - Rule Game and Name That Rule are pictured below. I have the

following games to offer for 10.00 each.

Doubling Rule

Nonsense Doubling Rule


Nonsense E-Rule

E-Rule Plus (w/cle words)


Nonsense Y-Rule

Name That Rule! (2X, E, & Y Rules)

My goal for this site is to have a complete catalog of all my visuals and their

prices. If you have a request for something I haven't shown on the site, please

email me at [email protected].

Happy Tutoring, Stacey

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